I play an assortment of  covers and originals,
As backgound  or loud and up front.  My Motto is
Make 'em Dance

Guitar Chris Brudy

Playing an assortment of originals and covers,
either unobtrusively in the background, or blasting
out the house, or doing cozy sing-a-longs. 


Reefer Madness

I remember being scared to death by this movie.  Now I'm scared I won't be able to find a bag..

Lash Me to the Mast

I fell so hard for this woman, I couldn't help but begin searching for her when I thought I heard her calling my name.   

Twenty for Treason 

Anyone could put anything in here and expect no one would  ever read it.
20 for treason?  Try to guess who.  All of the above?  The usual suspects?


This is for all the blindly faithful, who believe whatever they hear in Church, and have no inkling their ever expanding carbon footprint is contributing to the collapse of the global ecosystem.

Planet God
Guitar Chris Brudy (Love & Lost)
The propaganda film "Reefer Madness" was the definitional film of my young childhood.    It put the fear of God into me, I'll tell you.  I still get insanely paranoid while smoking....
The desperate girl who falls for the man who will have her.    A man easily recognized by others as a borderline sociopath, if not a serial killer.  It's So Sad.
It's So Sad
Guitar Chris Brudy (Love & Lost)
There's no sense complaining when you are down and out, since everybody has already heard it all before.
Ain't Got No Money
Guitar Chris Scott Brudy (Love & Lost)
Like many fooled by the right wing lie that is Reaganomics, that is the ruinous supply side attack on the middle class by the billionaire far right, here is the paean to seeing the light, and admitting you were suckered.
Change Forever
Guitar Chris Brudy (Mystique)
A Song of Devotion
Darling Lover
Guitar Chris Brudy (Love & Lost)
You can tell they don't like you, when they not only stay away from where you are, but they also turn and run like the wind when they see you....  Still, you  think you might have a chance...
Disappear Into the Night
Guitar Chris Brudy (Love & Lost)

When you are missing your lover....

I'd Love to Love You
Guitar Chris Scott Brudy (Love & Lost)
When the Siren sings sweetly, one must be lashed to the mast, or drown in her song.  Sirens sweetly singing?    You had best have wax in your ears, or be chained to the tree, because her call is irresistible.  Search at your own peril...
Lash Me to the Mast
Guitar Chris Brudy (Magical Mystique)
After talking her into it, I discovered I couldn't live without her... This is a lament, a dream of being with her, whoever she was and wherever she is.
Saw Her the Other Day
Guitar Chris Scott Brudy (Raw Meat)
For all those who have given up on a "equal" relationship.
You Can Have Your Cake
Guitar Chris Brudy (Love & Lost)
The dream escape vacation
Guitar Chris Scott Brudy (Love & Lost)
Love at first sight becomes a lifelong definition.  'Til death do us part.
Will You Love Me
Guitar Chris Brudy (Love & Lost)
Traveling musicians, always a welcome sight in any village or township, famous throughout the shire, prominent members of local society, finally ruined by the crush of technology.
Concrete Pillow
Guitar Chris Brudy (Mystique)
He can't believe she left him, that she is gone forever.
Telephone If You Need Me
Guitar Chris Brudy (Love & Lost)
Multiple choice:  How your goals change even as you answer your own questions.  No Xmas tree, please.
Multiple Choice
Guitar Chris Brudy (Love & Lost)
A brief affair, absolutely and totally in complete, bottomless loving, shattered by an over protective family.
Sun Go Down
Guitar Chris Brudy (Love & Lost)
About the couple who cannot manage to make love unless they have a nasty argument first.
Topped It Off
Guitar Chris Brudy (Love & Lost)
She won't listen?    Just get your own TV Church Show, and she can hear you from there...
Talk to You
Guitar Chris Brudy (Love & Lost)
A lament of a lost love, quite the traveler, quite the personality.
We have all been within moments of a life long love, within a couple of steps of a personal salvation, of a life of meaning.   And who hasn't blown it, realizing too late the lost opportunity?
So Long
Guitar Chris Brudy (Mystique)
Growing up in Cocoa Beach, where the astronauts stayed before leaving for space, we were all in.  We managed to separate the horror of the Nam War from the lunar program.    The dichotomy of reality prepared us for the weirdness of today's American Politics, where holding office is just a training course for a lucrative career on wall street, or in the defense industry.    Cocoa Beach's "Jeannie" was beloved, the near human embodiment of heavenly prowess, the power to go anywhere, Scotty.
I Dream of Jeannie
Guitar Chris Brudy (Mystique)
Pretty much the old story of the Beauty and the Beast, where young girls were brainwashed into arranged marriages to old, fat and disgusting suitors.
Love is Blind and Beautiful
Guitar Chris Brudy (Mystique)

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I've been playing the guitar and singing rock and roll since I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in1964. I played in bands up and down the Florida East Coast until the economy fell out in 1973.

After a short tour in the Army, Chinook Helicopters, thank you, I picked up a Business BA from USF, Tampa, Fl in 1980.  After a few years working dead end jobs requiring no degree, I began busking, playing on the streets where ever I could.    I discovered I was able to scrape out a living keeping the sidewalk warm and playing occasional gigs as well.

Currently based in St. Petersburg, FL, I can be found on the 200 block of Beach Dr. on alternate days.

There are currently two albums available, but the third is going to be released as singles,  one by one.   The tunes are distributed to most of the Internet music websites by DistroKid.

This is a demo of covers, just short snippets of popular songs.
15_01_16 Demo MIX TRACK
Hang Ten, my dear.
You've seen them in the beach bars....  Ancient old farts leering at the babes....
Gettin Old
Guitar Chris Brudy (Mystique)
The one you dreamed of for years.
Single Woman
Guitar Chris Brudy (Mystique)
The Bush Administration's FEMA built a gulag of concentration camps.    This one is the last stop, in Beech Grove, Indiana.

Camp Beech Grove


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